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    Thanks again mate for the top read , Sorry to hear you pulled the pin on the mag but i am sure you know what you are doing
    All the best
    Now hideing in the fitness protection program

    BOOF (Ian)

    What goes round comes round

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    Thanks mate - glad you get some enjoyment out of the newsletter.

    I'm sad to have let it go but I've had a gut full of the politics, egos, dirty tricks and the lack of vision of those with their hand on the tiller. I've also dropped my involvement with the All Bike Show after the executive decided we didn't need a dedicated show committee anymore. That's a committee that has doubled or tripled show profits for the three years that it has been in existence suddenly no longer required????

    I've gone back to riding and fixing motorcycles for the sake of my sanity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie_T100 View Post
    The latest & probably the last edition of the BMOA Tappet rattle is available for your reading pleasure:-

    Unfortunately circumstances have forced me to resign as Editor of this fine publication but if it ever resurfaces in the future I'll be sure to post it up here again.

    Aussie T....
    That's a terrible shame the 'Tappet may/will be the last.
    Such a well presented 'Mag'.

    Over most of my life I have seen the hard work done by 'The Unseen' - only to get burned by 'The Greedy' and/or 'The Ungrateful and Ignorant'.

    The few ruin the good for the many.

    Oh well - look at all the love and effort freed up for yourself - and the good folk you choose to stick with.

    Geeeee - I'd LOVE to have that 'Slippery Sam ' replica!!! what a beauty.

    Davros (Dave)
    2014 Indian Chief Classic - "Bertha"

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