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    Royal National Park (Sydney) - WARNING

    Front page headline of the St George & Sutherland Shire Leader today:

    Motorbike mayhem

    Below article suggests more Police & EPA inspectors stopping riders to check noise levels on motorbikes.

    POLICE and government agencies will work to address complaints that motorbike joyriders have ‘‘taken over’’ Royal National Park.

    A residents’ action group says car ‘‘hoons’’ also contribute to problems of speeding, ‘‘horrendous’’ noise and antisocial behaviour on weekends and many nights.

    One concern is a practice known as ‘‘nasho runs’’, involving co-ordinated races through the park, with lookouts posted to warn of any police presence.

    A spokeswoman for the group, who did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals, said that unless action was taken tourists would become afraid to use Grand Pacific Drive through the national park and over Sea Cliff Bridge.

    ‘‘Motorbikes have taken over the drive as there is a disproportionate number of them compared with other vehicles,’’ she said.

    ‘‘Lady Wakehurst Drive and Lawrence Hargrave Drive have become a racing strip for motorbikes, while lookouts at Bald Hill [Stanwell Tops] and Otford are popular for burnouts, ‘‘doughnuts’’ and other reckless behaviour.

    “Some residents have been intimidated by large groups of bike riders congregating at the lookouts.’’

    A traffic survey conducted by the group on Lawrence Hargrave Drive on a Saturday morning in July recorded 196 motorbikes and only two cars passing in an hour.

    Heathcote MP Lee Evans convened a meeting this month of residents from Otford, Stanwell Tops and Coalcliff, highway patrol officers from Sutherland

    and the Illawarra, and Wollongong police local area command crime manager Detective Inspector Tim Beattie.

    Also present were representatives of Roads and Maritime Services and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

    Mr Evans said it was the first time all parties had met to discuss the situation and they were working together on solutions.

    Action would begin with gathering statistics on the number of motorbikes entering the park and Environment Protection Authority inspectors stopping bikes to check noise levels.

    ‘‘We were told Wollongong Council is going to introduce alcohol-free zones at Bald Head and Otford lookouts,’’ Mr Evans said.

    ‘‘The police are aware of the ‘nasho runs’, and know they are well organised.

    ‘‘There are concerns accidents have occurred, with people hurt, but they have not been reported.

    ‘‘It is a worry that innocent people could become involved.’’


    Noisy vehicles can be reported to the EPA hotline on 131 555 or by using a new EPA app, specifically designed to encourage reporting.

    Speeding vehicles, including registration numbers, should be reported to the police assistance line on 131 444.

    If motorbikes or vehicles have been illegally modified, a penalty notice can be issued, with repeat offenders liable to have their registration suspended.

    Do you think motorcycle riders are taking over the Royal? - This what the Leader article asks.

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    Do you think motorcycle riders are taking over the Royal? - This what the Leader article asks.
    I have to say I enjoy riding through the Royal, tho don't do it that often, and never co ordinated with lookouts posted

    Seems a bit hard to believe to me that there are groups so organised.

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    Its a beat up by a small group of residents. Unfortunately get local front page & many readers will make wrong assumptions.

    There might be a small number of riders that do this - just like a small number of hoons engage in street car racing. The vast majority of drivers & riders do not engage in antisocial hoon like behaviour.

    I must have ridden to Bald Hill 20 times in past 12 months & never seen anyone doing burnouts or acting in a loud or antisocial way.

    Guys & girls stop at the lookout for a chat, coffee, hotdog or ice cream. Tourists love looking & photographing some of the bikes on display in the carpark.

    The only thing that might border on being reckless there, are the hangliders running off the cliff.

    The riders are great for the local economy down there. The queue for the ice cream van is always 6 deep. Local cafes have plenty of bikers stopping for a coffee & snack. The pubs do a roaring trade on weekend lunches.

    Do this small group of residents want to take that away?

    Every rider who is familiar with the ride though the National Park, knows the Police frequent it often to deter speeding. You'd be crazy to cut loose on the so called Nasho road.
    There are often a group of 12-20 high performance luxury cars (Porsche, Lambos, Ferrari) that drive through in convoy. These are organised weekend rentals that the lead driver ensures stick to the speed limit. Yet the residents group include them as rev head hoons.

    Policing on the speed limits is fine but i am concerned about the EPA turning up to ruin peoples day checking noise levels on bikes.
    Loud pipes are good in the National Park. The wildlife hear them going thru & stay off the road & out of the way for those that follow.

    The Royal National Park is a great ride for motorbike riders. No traffic lights, plenty of winding road. Great meeting places at the end.

    Unfortunately a small group of locals think people in leather jackets are all outlaw bikies.

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    I've only done the Nasho a few of times myself and in my limited experience can't belive that "A traffic survey conducted by the group on Lawrence Hargrave Drive on a Saturday morning in July recorded 196 motorbikes and only two cars passing in an hour".

    I could believe that the residents group could count 196 bikes and two cars in the Bald Hill lookout car park on a Saturday morning in July. I could also believe that the count took an hour, because they started at one end and while eavesdropping on all the intimidating antisocial chat, that another bike arrived and they had to go back and start the count again.

    We all know that every road has it's percntage of riders that can't help themselves, and this piece of road is no exception. Never heard of the organised races, but then again I wouldn't, surely if they were that prevelent the cops would have a line on it couldn't resist being able to organise a blitz or two before the good citizens have raised the issue.

    I think we should inlfiltrate the residents group and start them thinking about trying to have the cycilists banned as well, because they're always in that tight lycra stuff that shows off they're wobbely bits, and they're going so slow you can't miss it Agggh, and when they get to the cafe's they don't spend any money they only take the free water, so the local economy has no use them either.

    These resident groups will get a hearing, unless drowned out by all those load exhaust systems, because there are a fair number of riders enjoy that piece of road. Perhaps the residents have chosen now to start the protest rolling, because they know, as do we, that as the weather warms up all the fair weather riders will emerge, to blast past as if each ride will be their last and could well be, which adds further credence to the local bleatings.

    Anyway, I'm not confident saying anything against the residents "for fear of reprisals".

    Back and White 2010 T100

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    C'mon, we all know it IS the cyclists that started this....lycra clad warriors who want the road to themselves and their tellytubbie mates

    Ride on

    "The Catbus" - Honda CB500X!

    I'm on a highway to hell and I'm going dowwwwwwwwwwwwn all the way down!

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    I to have visited, this area, its a great place to pull up, perhaps the residents should take advantage of our patronage, and open a good coffee shop, but I guess they would be wingeing they are not getting enough patronage!!!. Yeh there is a lot of people gather up there, but they all seem to be old fellows like myself, well behaved and just, chewing the fat about their bikes.

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    Good Discussion...Thanks for sharing it!

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    EVERY weekend - sometimes in the dead of night - groups of motorcycle riders meet secretly to organise "time trials'' that they film and post on websites, pushing themselves, their speedometers and the road toll to the limit. Police are aware of the groups, which have closed websites, and believe they are an increasing problem - and a factor behind a rise in NSW motorcycle deaths this year.
    "We take very seriously reports of riders purposely exceeding the speed limit on organised rides, and recording this behaviour on cameras attached to their helmets. They run a great risk not only to themselves but also other road users,'' NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, said.
    "Even more worrying, we are seeing cases where groups are posting this footage on social media - sometimes on our own Facebook site - in an attempt to popularise their behaviour.
    "Police will continue to review and investigate such poor riding behaviour, including the footage we're seeing online, and do everything in our power to prosecute those involved. Many group rides are undertaken in an organised, orderly and law-abiding fashion, but we're well aware of those who choose to break the law."
    There have been 64 motorcyclists killed this year on NSW roads, 10 more than last year.
    Earlier this month a 19-year-old man filmed his own death while wearing a Go-Pro camera on his helmet when he crashed in the Royal National Park.
    The Park is referred to as the "nasho'' run and is popular ride south of Sydney. The old Pacific Highway in the north and Wiseman's Ferry and Putty Rd in the west are also popular for organised weekend rides - and the sites of many fatal bike accidents.
    Some biker groups have regular "meet-ups'' in and around the city during the week. One group, called the Sydney Riders, congregates on Thursday nights and ride in a pack of anywhere from 20 to 50 all over the city.
    The Bike Club, SydneyMotorcyclists is another group and does regular night rides.
    NSW Motor Cycle Council spokesman Chris Burns condemned the behaviour of some groups, saying they did not represent the majority

    NSW Motorcycle Council spokesman Christopher Burns condemned the actions of a few individuals (not groups) and advised that there is no evidence of ride groups conducting "Time trials" except for Wednesday Night Bike night at Sydney Dragstrip. The rumour of time trials stemmed from an unsubstantiated comment from a Residents Action Group member about the Royal National Park published in the Leader in August. The majority of Sydney ride groups provide a social outlet for riders who meet for coffee and pizza. Many of these ride groups provide support and mentoring for novice riders and we have worked hard to provide information and resources to facilitate safer riding attitudes amongst riders. The unfortunate spike in rider fatalities in October/Nov has not been associated with any of these ride groups.
    I am afraid to say this article is far from the reality and I publicly apologise to Steph, Craig and Pas for asking them to assist in providing what we thought, would be a balanced article.

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    The media will always make a mountain out of a mole hill for the sake of ratings. The national park is a great place to ride & the stop offs are great where you can get a hot dog or a coffee or an ice cream in the warmer months. It would be a great pity if the narcs are going to set up noise measuring. I am a firm believer in loud pipes save lives.
    living life on 2 wheels

    silver bullet (Jim )

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    You buy a bike that isn't a super sport, you ride at the speed limit, you look after it and your curtious
    To other road uses.
    So ....
    They can't get you for speeding.
    They can't get you for drinking,
    They can't get you for having fun.
    So oh yeh!!! Let's get them for noise.
    Then you change your pipes make it quieter and you get hit by some schmuck in a tin can that didn't see you or hear you and then they book you for neg riding.
    This country is turning into a police state and no one is doing a damn thing about it.
    Next thing will be blinkers or handle bars or anything else they can think of why you ask ??
    Save lives??? No no no !!! It's revenue raising that's all nothing more nothing less.

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