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    Quote Originally Posted by Matador1 View Post
    You buy a bike that isn't a super sport, you ride at the speed limit, you look after it and your curtious
    To other road uses.
    So ....
    They can't get you for speeding.
    They can't get you for drinking,
    They can't get you for having fun.
    So oh yeh!!! Let's get them for noise.
    Then you change your pipes make it quieter and you get hit by some schmuck in a tin can that didn't see you or hear you and then they book you for neg riding.
    This country is turning into a police state and no one is doing a damn thing about it.
    Next thing will be blinkers or handle bars or anything else they can think of why you ask ??
    Save lives??? No no no !!! It's revenue raising that's all nothing more nothing less.
    Unfortunatly you're right on the money here my friend, i got pulled over once, only because of the fenda eliminator on my S3, It was at an 45 deg angle or something and the rego tube was obstructing the visibilty of the licence plate, that was horseshit, i had the bike for several years, been pulled over many times and never had a problem. You only need one overzealous new fuzz who needs to make his proof to get higher rank and there goes your day


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    Royal National Park hoons on notice
    June 6, 2014, 9 p.m.

    Police are in the midst of a major crackdown on hoons who treat the Royal National Park and roads of the northern Illawarra like a racetrack, with some dangerous drivers caught exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h...........During the operation police caught nine drivers exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h.
    Those drivers had their licences confiscated on the spot.
    Certainly it’s interesting that motorcycles aren’t mentioned and the complaint was about not being able to sleep. A time when not many bikes are out and about.

    Interesting how the W-Beam barrier has been deformed by the posts being pulled out of the ground. A W-Beam barrier should deform by the posts leaning back and the W-beam breaking away from the posts. Only one post appears to have broken away. Also, this is a trailing terminal and the top part of the post should have broken away from the bottom section which they don’t appear to have done. I wonder if it has been impacted by a car with a low bonnet which has gone in under the barrier.



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    Yeah saw that article. Good to see someone other than motorcyclists copping the stick for a change!

    Something I do find a little strange is that in 21 days one of the biggest wins for riders (and cars even if they don't understand it) will become legal. Haven't seen or heard anything about filtering. Shouldn't there be education and awareness being pumped out by the RMS right now?
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    Sunday was riding from Bald hill, north into the Park around 12:30pm & passed a motorcycle photographer on a corner between Bald Hill & the take away.

    Kept riding for about 5km then decided to go back & do the run past the camera again to catch the name of the photographer on the sign he set up on opposite side. (could check out photos online).

    So back tracked like groundhog day & did the run again.

    This time about 3km past the photographer, around a corner at 60km/h was a branch across the width of the lane heading north. I couldnt swerve around it without hitting dirt so kept it as upright as i could & ran straight over it dead centre.

    Thankfully no issue. Pulled up about 30m past on a straight patch, hopped off and walked back to remove the danger from the road. Another bike came around just before i got there. He saw me waiving but too late to stop. He too went over it & stayed upright. His mate following waived thanks as I removed the branch just before he came through.

    It got me thinking how it wasnt there 5 mins earlier. It had no leaves or off shoots attached. Just a perfectly clean length of gum tree branch about 2.4m in length and 6-8cm diameter. Did it fall from a tree & land 90 degrees perfectly across one lane?

    Hope no one was playing games out there.

    I know i've dragged a real bushy branch off the road in the past very close to that area, but that was after a wild storm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theblackhorse View Post
    Hope no one was playing games out there.
    Good report - luckily no-one hurt [rims?].

    I'd hope that it was just a chance occurrence - several species of Gum drop boughs and branches at random.

    Nice day for the ride.
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    Thanks for taking the initiative and removing the log,off the road, and preventing an accident, not many people would be thoughtful enough to that "Bravo" ! The Blackhorse

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    Still got the scar on my left knee from when a branch exactly the same size hit me on the way to the ground whilst I was travelling at "around" 80-km/h near Bald Hill. No leaves on that one either. I am in favour of land clearing these days...

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    I am in favour of land clearing these days...
    Branches and animals are things to watch for. And as we know from the loss of Spartacus to a tree falling. Can be fatal.
    But cars and trucks should be cleared first. Def more fatal crashes from them

    Truth is riding a bike can be fatal. But also fun

    But I do hope that branch was a freak of nature and not some idiot.

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